What are some good Japanese cult classic movies with a lot of sexy girls and gore?

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(The following is from excerpts of my entires that were originally published under my psuedonym "CEC" at www.Asian-Sirens.com, in response to readers' requests.)

A reader asked for my recommendations on Japanese cult movies that contain plenty of sexy actresses, gratutious nudity and gore. Well, certain types of Japanese softcore porn movies know as "pink films" ("pinku eiga" in Japanese), that were produced from the mid-1960s to the late-1980s, fit the bill. The films made by Nikkatsu studios from 1971-1988 were known as the second wave of the pink film era. Also dubbed "roman porn" (which is short for "romantic pornography" and has absolutely nothing to do with anything coming from Italy's capital city), a couple of of the more notable early Nikkatsu productions were Apartment Wife: Afternoon Affair, which starred Kazuko Shirakawa and Secret Chronicle: She Beast Market, with Junko Miyashita.

In 1974, Nikkatsu movies such as Flower and Snake, began centering on bondage and S&M themes and often starred Noami Tani, a young actresses who savored her roles and looked great in rope. Naomi, together with Kazuko and Junko, became known as the first three "Nikkatsu Queens," who made their marks during the heyday of the Nikkatsu roman porno era.Kazuko Shirakawa, who starred in the first of the "Apartment Wife" series in 1971, is considered to be the original Nikkatsu Queen. Apartment Wife: Afternoon Affair, was the first of the "Apartment Wife" series. After starring in the first eight entries, Kazuko was succeeded in 1975 by Rumi Tama. After her last roman porn film in 1976, Kazuko went on to a fairly successful career in mainstream movies.

Junko Miyashita. whose signature film was the 1975 gem, A Woman Called Sada Abe, also went on to do mainstream films and is still currently acting.1974's Secret Chronicle: She Beast Market, contains some unforgettable scenes and is a must-have for any serious collector of Nikkatsu roman porn.

However, it was Naomi Tani who was really Nikkatsu's shining star. Credited with bringing Nikkatsu into the S&M genre, Naomi began her brief tenure with the company in 1974 with Flower and Snake and made her final Nikkatsu feature in 1979 with Rope and Skin, now considered a Japanese cult classic. After her retirement, she went through a few personal difficulties but did release an interesting vocal album entitled Modae No Heya in which she spoke (not sung) over a background of traditional Japanese instruments. Eventually, she became a restaurant owner and later, opened a video store that specializes in the type of classic bondage movies she used to star in.

if you've watched any low-budget Japanese horror movies in in recent years and wanted more info on the sexy actress in the lead role, finding it shouldn't be difficult. Chances are, a simple Google search is all it will take to see a lot more of her because most of the ladies seen in such gems were chosen from the very large talent pool of AV and gravure idols Japan has to offer. For example, JAV alumnae Sora Aoi, Risa Kasumi, and Mari Sakurai quite nicely "fill out" their roles in the gore fest Big Tits Zombie (in 3D!), which is destined to become a Japanese cult classic.

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