What are the best scary subtitled films?

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As we approach Halloween thoughts turn to finding films suitable for the season. We've all seen the Halloweens, Nightmare on Elm Streets, Screams, the Saw films and all the popular Hollywood mainstream horror films that we could view, but if you're looking for something new, or maybe you want something to impress your friends at your Halloween party, you should consider looking into what scary subtitled films there are out there.Helpfully we've chosen some pant wettingly brilliant ones for you to get you started.

INSIDE - An intense experience as a recently bereaved and heavily pregnant women is under siege from a mysterious woman who wants her baby, and is willing to extract it direct from her womb in the most gruesome ways imaginable. It doesn't let up for one single moment throughout its entire running time. Highly recommended to pin you to your seat, this 2007 French horror film is a Halloween treat.

ONIBABA - Modern foreign horror isn't the only place to look, this 1968 Japanese classic will cast a horror spell on you. Two women live, quite literally in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by tall grass and reeds. To survive they kill passing Samurai, to keep their possessions, but whilst an illicit affair begins for one of the women, the other is haunted by a masked figure. Exploring sexuality, sexual guilt and more of the worlds mysteries, this ethereal horror will make you scared of the minute details and put you on edge in the strangest of ways.AMER - Homages shouldn't be scary, right? They're too busy copying styles, themes to focus on scares. Also, you've seen ti all before haven't you? That's sort of the point. Well, not with Amer, a homage to Italian Giallo films. It manages to creep under your skin and stay with you. It's a sensual experience, lingering on specific details which bury themselves in your mind. The plot, may not be what you're used to, is told in three segments chronicling different stages in a womans life. All of these stages are highly sensual, for example the first segment concerns a black laced hand that stops her screaming. Very Argento like I think you'd agree, and the other two segments explore other significant moments - in all three segments the horror is in the detail. This might not be for everyone but if it works for you it'll work it's way deeply into your psyche.

MARTYRS - The pinnacle of scary subtitled films, Martyrs is an experience unlike no other. At its premiere there were stories of people being sick in the toilets the film gets that intense. It does start at a frenetic exciting pace before hitting you hard with bold, in your face horror which just keeps heightening, ramping the tension with pace and then terrifying visuals. As the film progresses the pace slows but sucks you into the plot for a very emotional experience, which builds to a peak of almost unbearable horror. Not for the faint of heart, you must have a strong stomach to survive Martyrs.

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