How do I set up a good horror movie date?

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Tell me if this sounds familiar: You're sitting at home when you get a call from your girlfriend or boyfriend. They're planning on dropping by tonight for a movie date you forgot about. You're sweating now on the phone as you hastily review your kitchen pantry. You've got mustard keeping your otherwise lonely jug of expired milk company, but that's about it. Trying to keep the panic out of your voice you casually ask if pizza is alright tonight.

"Of course!" She/he replies.

Nice! You hang up and congratulate yourself on staying cool under pressure while you pick up last week's laundry from your sofa. As you dump the last sock in the washer cold dread grips your guts. What are you going to watch? As you stand frozen with your empty basket in hand your mind spins back to the last time you had a movie date. Scrolling through the instant queue on Netflix for an hour before settling on a lame romantic comedy that neither of you enjoyed. You shake your head at the thought of sitting through another teeth-grindingly bad Rom-Com and snap into action.


Every evening literally hundreds of couples go through the instant-queue blues. Even those with an extensive physical movie collection are not immune, as the sheer number of their choices can be overwhelming. Studies have shown that having a horror movie date is scientifically proven to be the number one choice of successful couples the world over. So how can you apply horror to your date to be a winner? I'm glad you asked!

When choosing a horror movie it's best to keep in mind your partner's preferences with regards to Gore, Shock Value and Grossness. Choosing a film that has too many uncomfortable elements can ruin an otherwise fine evening. If they hate spiders putting on Arachnaphobia isn't going to win any hearts and minds. On the flipside, try to get something that you know will hold their interest. If they're sci-fi fans consider something extraterrestrial for the evening, or if they're into a specific genre of horror then use that to your advantage!

Likewise, try to coordinate your food choice for the evening away from whatever you plan to watch. For instance, if you're watching a slasher flick you'd probably do best to skip pasta or any red, saucy foods. Nobody wants to correlate what's on their fork with what's on the screen. Pizza is a safe go-to (which you already covered above, you clever person!), since it generally avoids the saucy, meatiness that can too easily translate to lost appetite while you watch the screaming campers get mowed down by the one-man pyschopath wrecking machine.

Finally, remember that a good horror movie date choice will have you holding each other at least until the credits roll. Above all else remember that the point of the movie you choose to watch is to give you and your date a memorable, shared evening. It can be hard to find that perfect balance between what you like and what they like, but don't be afraid to experiment. Keep calm and remember that even the worst movies can leave great memories down the road. I wish you luck, and remember to leave a light on.

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