Looking for some scary movies to rent this holiday season?

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When the Earth approaches its farthest point from the sun along its orbit and the season shifts to cold and gray, nothings beats cuddling up with your favorite fears on Blu-ray!

I have a list of classic scary movies to rent, as well as a few contemporaries that will definitely give you the creeps and perhaps make you a little queazy. For maximum effect, watch them alone in the dark, or with someone who you know hates scary movies; sometimes they’ll startle you more than the movie with their reactions! These are noted in no particular rank and you will definitely have the DVD option if there isn’t a Blu-ray version available. By the time you're through reading this, the microwave popcorn will be ready!

The Excorcist

So scary, 12 year old Linda Blair was not allowed to watch the dailies or the finished product. This film is a scary rental in that it encompasses a subject no mortal can confim or deny: are we possessable by inhuman entities?

The Thing (John Carpenter version)

The drawn out suspense of this film produces some truly gripping moments. There’s a lot to be said for pre-CGI films, and the definite greater believability associated with tangible creatures that actors actually perform with and around.

The Descent

This movie is original and effectively frightening. Creatures in underground caves attacking unsuspecting female spelunkers; I dare you to watch this one alone in the dark. The score is nearly identical to John Carpenter’s The Thing, and really helps keep you white-knuckled on the couch.

The Hills Have Eyes (2006 version)

Another plausible, albeit very stretched, premise. This remake has some ghastly, horrific moments that make it a must-see on the scary movie list. My wife had her back to the theater screen for a good twenty minutes, most irate that I had made her watch it for my birthday.

28 Weeks Later

The frenetic pace of this movie is what makes it so horrifying. Unlike the laughably bad Resident Evil franchise, 28 Weeks Later keeps your eyes wide and your mouth agape as scene after grisly scene unfolds

These are just a handful of classics, old and modern, and are definitely scary movies to rent. Even, if you’ve seen some or all of them, chances are it’s been a while, and you may have forgotten the reasons these chilled your spine the first time. Horror films have the difficult task of scaring their audience. If you can put something on the screen that deters the audience from texting, yawning, talking, sleeping, or just sitting there unreactive, then you’ve got their attention and can do with it what you want.

Subscribe to the willing suspension of disbelief, lay down your objectivity, and immerse yourself into the director’s vision. It’s like fighting hypnosis – you can certainly think yourself right out of it. But, with good filming, direction, and a laser precise score that enhances your senses, you’ll stay creeped out long after you turn off the television, and maybe even settle in to a good old fashioned nightmare.

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