Are There Any Vampire Movies That Are Not Part Of The Twlight Series?

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You you ready to finally sink your teeth into a non-Twlight vampire movie? I am! One where the focus wasn't on sparking, angst-ridden teens and shirtless frat boys. Get ready for latest vampire movie from DC Studios called "The Anna Dorlin Chronicles: Part One - Anna's Embrace."

Any person remotely familiar with Vampire: The Masquerade will immediately recognize the direction and look of this movie. This movie stays pretty faithful to the role-playing series, but offers the watcher a new twist to keep them interest so the watcher doesn't just feel like they are watching a group of people playing the game itself, though for this writer, anything is better than watching Keanu Keeves act.

Because Vampire: The Masquerade covers such a broad time range and characters, I was curious to see which era the movie was set in. I was intrigued when i saw the words London....Whitechapel...autumn...1888. I knew and was quite pleasantly surprised to see that this movie was going to be set in Victorian London, a.k.a. Jack the Ripper era. It had a similar feel as "From Hell" with Johnny Depp, but the casting personnel took the rare move and cast real Brits rather than have American actors and actresses attempt bad English accents.

I loved how it was either always raining or foggy and how the movie really went all out in every detail to make the movie as authentic as they could, from having dialogue recorded onsite not being dubbed later to placing the actors and actress in cold wet conditions so you could see their actual breath,. I bet the actors union will have a field day with that one.

The camera work was also stand-out. Instead of the standard "shot-reverse-shot" we normally see when actors are talking, the cameraman plays with us...showing us only what characters are doing....are they fidgeting nervously with an object such as a knife? The story following a group of 'unfortunates' or what we call prostitutes as they go about their days and nights....all tastefully done. The movie veers away from using stereotypes that Hollywood as stuck on so each character comes across as unique and has a chance to develop in their own right.

Also, because they choose non-famous Brits to act, we have no previous notions about their abilities. As the plot speeds along we are introduced to the main character Anna Dorlin, a young Caucasian girl in her middle to late teens, at least that's what she appears to be. I'm not going to spoil too much of the rest of this movie, but leave it up to you to whet your own appetite and find out what happens to young Anna she really Jack the Ripper or Jane the Ripper? I know I'm ready for a non-Twilight vampire movie, and this latest vampire movie from DC Studios is what a vampire movie should be!

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