What are the best horror movies of all time?

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The horror genre, historically, is one of the most torn apart genres in all of cinema. Most people seem to go one way or the other when it comes to horror flicks. Either they love them or hate them. The naysayers will point to the obvious criticisms of the genre, such as the overly and generally poor performance of actors, as well as the use of excessive scare tactics and cheap thrills that many horror films will use, rather than trying to develop a coherent and realistic plot. While this is a case that can be argued for many of these movies, many exist that have had a profound impact on not only the horror genre itself, but on all of cinema.

Some of the greatest films ever made have been scary as hell, as well as being built with great structure and acting. While these may be the minority in this category of film, the best horror movies out there truly are fantastic. The sheer brilliance of most of these films is found in their originality, as they do not follow standard horror conventions or rely on the same cliche "spook-out", but are legitimately an intense, scary experience. The list of great horror flicks can be ranked all sorts of different ways, but it's generally the same films, in one order or another, that make it to the top.

The Shining is arguably the greatest horror film ever created. Directed by film legend Stanley Kubrick, it does nearly everything right. Never has a film of this genre been able to touch on so many different points so effectively. From family turmoil to claustrophobia to forces outside the realms of what is considered normal, this film stirs them all in to one giant pot of supernatural, spine -tingling horror. You can not help but be on the edge of your seat as you fear for the fate of the family stuck in this haunted hotel, all while the psychotic father and head of the family loses his mind from a sense of isolation. The film leaves you with so many haunting images and questions about the forces at work that we cannot comprehend that you will have a hard time sleeping after seeing this masterpiece of modern cinema horror.

Another universally acclaimed freak-fest is Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho. The movie responsible for making you wanna shower with the curtain pulled back, it redefined the way the genre was approached. Never before was the insanity and psychosis of a rather innocent looking oddball turned into such a frightening sight. The film horrifies its viewers into realizing that no stranger should ever be fully trusted and taken at face value. The idea of a kind hotel owner suffering from a multiple personality disorder and killing at his "mother's" command was revolutionary for the genre, as horror film had almost always relied on ghosts or monsters to deliver their cheap thrills. But this film was real, and because of that it was damn scary and remains so to this day.

These are just two of the best horror movies ever made, but so many more beauties exist that require too much recognition for a simple article to do them justice. For any fan of the horror genre, to truly have a great time scaring yourself and others, please do your research and go with one of the all time greats.

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