what is a good suspense where he stabs my heart?

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Its 2:42am, I'm finally falling asleep...

5:23, why is it so dark? What is that smell? Oh god, I can't move! My hands are tied. Where am I? I hear a faint scream, but where is it coming from?

I start hyperventilating, my heart beating faster, my head pounding. I hear foot steps closer and closer each step. Fear penetrating my bones, chills running through my skin. I feel a touch, softly running from my feet to my face. A deep, exhausted whisper says, "I've been waiting so long for you."

I lay still without being able to say a word. The soft touch turns into an aggressive grasp, almost as if piercing was the purpose.

I moan in pain, trying not to attract attention from my raptor. The shadow starts kissing me where the bruises are to be.

Teeth sinks in and blood starts to drip down my neck. Laughter is what came out of my mouth. We both surprised and astonished. He only gets more angry as my laughter rises in sarcasm. And the adrenaline starts running, fear ceases to exist that very second. Enjoying the look on his face, I crave more. The bearing could not have been more absent as the seconds passed. I could see in his dark eyes a fire burning in fury. Desire for me to give in into his arms could not be more tempting. The hatred imprinted on his body language made me realize there was something familiar about this being. My eyes while adjusting to the darkness of this dungeon, realize that this is no strange land. Every piece in this room is placed as I last remember it. My picture hangs in a very decorative, expensive and luxurious frame on the wall to my right. I had been here before. My mind call recall when, but I've been here at least once before. Wait a minute! I've dreamt all this before. I distinctly remember the aroma stinging in the air, the blinding darkness and this tired whisper that has me captive. I ask the shadow for its name, but get no response. Just laughter. This being has me figured out. It knows that I have realized what's next. In this dream of mine, I had been captive for what felt like days. Being abused and beat for what seemed to be for the entertainment of this being. In the end I died. Not because of the severe damage i went through, but because I saw who this being was. I died of a heart attack in my dream. But as I think back to this dream, I do not think it could possibly turn out to be the same now. In my dream my raptor was me. I had tortured myself for days. I never put much thought into it, for it was just a dream. The adrenaline increases in my veins, and the being breathes down my neck. I panic, but the adrenaline is much stronger and I manage to reach the light switch above my head and flip it on. Astonishment in my face I can only imagine, it is my love, or at least who I thought was my love and would never hurt me. Before I can say anything, he kisses me and stabs my heart. Not a heart attack, but equally the pain as he stabs my heart over and over again. I could not hope for a better way to die than in the arms of who I loved most in the world. Why he did it, still haunts me even in death. Although he ended my life, the love I have for him is still with me and I don't regret choosing him.

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