How is the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise, one of the best of the Horror Genre?

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In 1984, Hollywood and horror filmmaking changed with the release of "A Nightmare on Elm Street." I was six years old watching the trailers and promos on TV and I thought, "WOW! What is this great "haunted house" movie about.?" Wes Craven came up with what is to become they greatest horror movie villain of all time, by tapping into your fears of sleep and dreaming.

What would happen if you had a real life boogeyman, that could get you in your dreams? The story had the setting to scare you from the beginning with the opening scene to the final conclusion. I think that New Line Cinema knew the potential they had with this villain and story, they created some great sequels after-words, that in my honest opinion works very well, for the simple fact they kept a villain that had a personality and menace to become better and better in the more elaborate dream sequences and fantasies that could appeal to any fellow dreamer.

In 1985 "A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2: Freddy's Revenge" took the story from the first one and expanded it to a new hero and a new story, that I thought took the story to a new level by adding the possession angle of a young teenager and bringing Freddy into the real world. I know the creator of the original, Wes Craven, was not happy with this decision but I thought, it worked very well by allowing you to realize this is the start of something that is going to be around for years to come.

Adding humor and wit into the third film, "NOES Part 3: Dream Warriors"(released in 1987) was a gutsy move, but smart, to allow something new to this franchise, that I believe made the series recognized for what people remembered it for. By the time "NOES 4: The Dream Master" was released in 1988, I think Freddy Krueger had made his mark in the world of horror by allowing the audience to finally love a villain, not a hero, with Freddy Krueger being recognized not only among adults but children themselves, making this the highest grossing among all the installments.

Around the time of Part 4 was making its mark, the underrated TV Series "Freddy's Nightmares", is a well deserved spinoff series, that had the same horror and wit that made the franchise what it was. The series was on for two seasons and was great anthology series that I feel deserves more recognition. 1989's "NOES 5: The Dream Child" was a rush job after the success of Part 4, that had great visuals and a unique story involving Freddy taking over an unborn child, that had the same quality and humor from previous installments.

After the poor following of the fifth film, New Line Cinema, felt the time is over the franchise. So in 1991 they released "Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare" to poor reviews and box office results. As you may know, Freddy's Nightmares have lived long after in pop culture and horror genres fans psyche to this day, The horror genre finally created a series that appeals to the ones who want to be terrified or the ones who want a good laugh. Bottom line — Freddy Krueger's nightmares are well deserving to be recognized for years to come.

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