Is the Walking Dead just a zombie movie that goes on forever?

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"They’re coming to get you, Barbara." The famously eerie phrase known by all horror fans from George A. Romero’s original Zombie hit, Night of the Living Dead, can be equally as explanatory when talking about the overly addictive new aged Zombie hit, The Walking Dead. If you have yet to try the spreading drug that AMC has been dispensing over three and a half seasons, you may share a common misconception that the best show on television is merely a zombie movie that goes on forever. I must say, you would be sadly mistaken, and regretfully missing out on one of the most compelling fictional stories ever told.

Robert Kirkman and AMC have revolutionized horror on television by taking a scary, fun, and supernatural idea and making it just as believable and magnetic as any other sixty minute drama on television. This is so much more than a zombie show. There is so much conflict, love, hate, pain, and pure drama, that this show stands powerful and compelling on its own before you toss in the fact that everything is taking place during the apocalypse. Does this show have an awesome take on zombies? Yes! Is this show about zombies? Kind of!

The show follows Sheriff, Rick Grimes, who wakes up from a coma, finding himself dead smack in the middle of a zombie outbreak. He is all alone and has no idea what’s going on. He has a wife, Lori, and a young son, Carl, who he must venture out to find somewhere in the condemned city that used to be Atlanta. Sounds pretty compelling already doesn't it? He also has a best friend, Shane, who was his partner in the police force and was like a second father to Rick’s son. Did I mention that Shane is sleeping with Rick’s wife, Lori, since they both believe Rick to be dead? I bet the drama loving females all over the world would be fumbling with their smart phones as they try to Google what happens next.

Let's see if we can relate to some male viewers who are on the cusp, and undecided about giving the hit show a peek. During all of this, there are zombies everywhere, better yet, there are walkers everywhere, as Kirkman and his main character, Rick, like to refer to them as. Either way, lots of flesh eating monsters means lots of weapons, lots of close calls, lots of surviving, lots of gore, and lots of fun and creative ways to kill zombies. Action, suspense, horror, drama, and Daryl Dixon are enough to have any man, woman, or brave enough child addicted after the slightest dose.

This show is based on an entirely fictional world, a post apocalyptic world that is infested with flesh eating zombies, yet the execution, directorial skill, and flawless acting make it seem less farfetched than most sixty minute dramas playing in prime time. The storyline and character depth is so delicious that The Walking Dead fans long for more every time the credits roll, and Just like Kirkman’s walkers, we can’t wait to sink our teeth into these overly addictive characters week after week.

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