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Of all the current movies to see this week, my favourite has to be, Jim Jarmusch's, 'Only Lovers Left Alive'. With such a title, and the genre tags of, 'drama/romance/vampire', one might expect to see a harrowing tale of lovers forced to face a post apocalyptic world and death at the hands of Vampires running wild.

Not so. In a complete subversion to the Horror/ Vampire myth, ' Only Lovers Left Alive' actually alludes to a pair of Vampires, 'Adam and Eve', who have been lovers for hundreds of years. Both graced with refined sensibilities, and the benefit of many years of culture and education, this is a couple, that even the merest suggestion of biting anyone to drink their blood, would offend. Instead, they are happy to source only the 'best, untainted' blood from hospital sources. In a darkly comic way, they also have a horror of not only randomly biting another human being for their daily pint, but of drinking in what they fear is blood often contaminated by the diseased, unhealthy humans that currently walk the Earth.

However, when Eve's, rock and roll little sister turns up, (Played with energy by Mia Wasikowska), and in more typical Vampire fashion, drains and kills someone in Adam's living room, it leads to a sequence of events that threatens to destroy the elegant Adam and Eve's way of life forever. Dark, deliciously witty, with superb performances from mercurial British actor, Tom Hiddleston and, the strangely beautiful and timeless Tilda Swinton, this is a film that surprises and entertains. Set in decadent Morocco and in an old, run down, elegant town house in the USA, both mainly shot at night, 'Only Lovers Left Alive', also delights the eye. With a subtle, dark tone, provided by the palette of tapestry, leather, suede and antiques that surround them, the set design is lovely, as are the costumes. The script is equally tonal, funny and ironical. 'Only Lovers Left Alive', is beautifully directed and paced by its creator Jim Jarmusch, and is a delicious surprise not to be missed by any true romantic.

A second choice out of the current movies to see at the moment, would be the Coen brother's latest film, 'Inside Llewyn Davies'. Set in 1961, in the folk music scene, in Greenwich Village, New York, it charts a week or so in the life of folk singer, 'Llewyn Davies' . With an almost documentary feel, and a story line that nearly tips into mediocre, the strength of the film is in it's observance of the era and the subtlety of the characters. The look of the film is just right, the pace and the humour inescapably satirical. The casting is also spot on: Oscar Isaac and Carey Mulligan, who play the central roles, are good looking, but not so beautiful as to take away from the homespun, folksy look of the film.

However, their performances, along with those of a good supporting cast are strong. However, what really sells 'Inside Llewyn Davies', and elevates the story of 'man unsuccessfully seeks fame and fortune with guitar', out of being 'dreary', is the story line of the ginger tom cat, who keeps crossing the path of the central character, and adds a much needed dramatic fizz. If you are a cat lover, this is good enough reason to see 'Inside Llewyn Davies' alone, but add in the subtle humour, and gentle pace, it's a good way to spend an evening as any, and a good first date film.

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