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Having listened and read other critics views upon the latest offering from serial rom-com starlet Jennifer Aniston in Cake, I sat down to watch Cake with my wife the other night and was very pleasantly rewarded.

Cake is a truly brilliant film that deals sensitively with a woman who is on the edge of a life she used to have that had been horrifically altered by a terrible car accident.

Don't assume for one minute that this is a comedy. it isn't. There are some funny moments in the film, but they are far more natural than staged or trite.

In recent years and films our heroine has been typecast and nearly all of her offering are constantly compared to the world wide hit Friends that has both rewarded her financially but has cursed her professionally.

The story surrounds our leading lady who has suffered terrible scars and injuries resulted from a fatal car crash that involved her young Son a few years before.

She attends a self help group dealing with addiction and anger issues where although there is some quirky moments, you do get the feeling that there is more that could of been made of that particular scene and scenario.

We find that she has a long term Hispanic carer, who as well as being long suffering working hard to accommodate the mood swings of her client, has to deal with a difficult home life her self.

Set in Los Angeles it becomes clear that Aniston has received some form of high compensation from her accident and lives in a quite area in a large bungalow complete with her own modest swimming pool to aid her hydrotherapy sessions who she has to help with her mobility issues.

The accident and lssues surrounding it have resulted in a breakdown of Aniston's marriage and although her ex husband appears a few times, it is clear there is still love between them but sadly for the viewer there is no happy ending with any kind of make up.

Her character is full of conflicts and regrets and although we don't learn about the terrible crash until later in the film, it is clear she suffers from all aspects of self blame, self blame she tries hard through prescribed medication to block out of her mind.

There is a big reveal towards the end of the film that even the hardest hearted viewer would have to agree is something quite touching.

Aniston shows her real class as an actress and within a short while you forget she was ever in that quirky comedy Friends. I never really watched Friends as it was not my kind of thing.

I went into watching this with an open mind and I am glad I did.

If you want to watch a film that makes you think and also makes you take stock of what is really important then I would strongly recommend sitting back with a cup of your favourite beverage and enjoying a slice of Jennifer Aniston in Cake.

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