What are the most intriguing recent movies from 2016?

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There are an assortment of recent movies from 2016 to which word one would describe each of them is merely an opinion, but here’s some of the movies I’ve watched, some of these recent movies are quite intriguing and some aren’t.

A bit family friendly related movies: Finding Dory, The Jungle Book, and Zootopia. While the first mentioned is a sequel of long loved original “Finding Nemo” this takes a whole new approach, sort of, and a new fun yet heart-touching story. Jungle Book is a live-action plus CGI version of the cartoon animation that included the songs that the first older film had, the animals surely almost seemed real and could’ve tricked me except their mouths were moving in a speech pattern…. Anyway, Zootopia, beautifully colored and wonderful portrayal and a fantastic story with hints and messages to the adult sad world: racism. But that’s another topic.

Captain America: Civil War, Deadpool, and Doctor Strange (the first two are from Marvel and the last is from the DC Universe): Iron Man versus Captain America and there they pop in a tween Spider-Man, and the beautiful actress with the “Russian” accent that is Elisabeth Olsen and that peculiar red dude. Deadpool, another red dude, comical and hysterical and a bit dirty language or dirty talk at times. Doctor Strange is possibly one of the most intriguing movies but in a good way, the pictures and rolling buildings, scenery and Benedict Cumberbatch were amazing.

Then there is the horror movie list, some of these have different degrees of most intriguing: 10 Cloverfield Lane, Don’t Breathe, and The Witch. 10 Cloverfield Lane begins with the actress from Sky High and she gets captured just in time before the aliens arrive, it was odd, oddly funny, and interesting. Don’t Breathe actually made me think I shouldn’t breathe, that blind guy was scary and I was rooting for the girl. The other intriguing but in a bad way movie is The Witch, she’s creepy and disgusting and then the ending is a twist and actually confusing as to why it occurred.

Now, as most people, I don’t watch every single movie because some don’t interest me and I wouldn’t have the time or money but here are some intriguing recent movies from 2016 that I hadn’t seen, I’m judging by their title, poster, and trailer (which helps to make some people want to watch the movie.)

Some of them are: Kubo & the Two Strings, La La Land (intriguing by trailer), Eye in the Sky, Tower (by title), 31, and Inferno (by poster). La La Land has one of my favorite actresses in it Emma Stone, Kubo and the two strings had an amazing trailer and is stop motion which makes it more interesting, would’ve been amazing to see in theaters. I wouldn’t be explaining why the titles, it’s just odd and mysterious until I check out the trailer or see the synopsis. 31 is apparently by Rob Zombie (maybe directed, that I’m uncertain) and I’ve seen his other movies which were fantastic at that and I’ve never really watched the other movies prior Inferno but I know I should check them out.

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